About Us

V&C eCommerce are your local Melbourne based Freelance SEO, SEM, Email, Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialists with an excellent proven track record working with local businesses and delivering amazing results.

Starting off studio apartment, our beginnings are humble and simple. Initially V&C provided free consultation to local Bundoora, Reservoir, Mill Park & Thornbury based local business. We then noticed that the demand for a good digital agency was high.

With every FREE CONSULTATION the feedback was:

  • We don’t understand Digital Marketing.
  • Is it a big deal?
  • There is no need for an extensive Digital marketing campaign because its very expensive.
  • Digital marketing services are hard to understand and I feel that I am not getting value in return.

We connected the dots here. We understood that local businesses in Melbourne still doesn’t understand the importance of an digital marketing campaign and feel its very expensive. We also understood another vital thing. We figured out that businesses already engaging in digital marketing campaigns are paying way too much for services. 

Our business model was based on this feedback and it’s a very simple model. 

Our Goal – At V&C, our primary goal is to provide TOP QUALITY SEO, SEM, Social Media & Email Marketing to our clients are LOWEST PRICES.

We want our client’s success to be our own success. When our clients are happy then we are happy. And finally, our client is not just a number. That’s our simple formula. We have understood that the above company goal has helped us deliver successful results to our clients. 

If you are currently looking for quality freelance Search Engine optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Email marketing & Social media marketing specialists, web design and ecommerce websites in Melbourne, Bundoora, Preston, Thornbury, Reservoir, Heidelberg & Ivanhoe look no further than V&C Freelance Digital Marketing and Web specialists.