Cheap Freelance Search Engine Marketing in Melbourne

What is Search Engine Marketing SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is the form of marketing of products and service through the internet via search engines and ad partner networks. This method of marketing is primarily through paid advertising. With SEM, result can be instantly achieved and the results can also be easily measured.

SEM has several marketing methods and the most famous is the COST PER CLICK (CPC) method. This means as exactly as it sounds. CPC is where the advertiser pays a fixed amount to the search engines for a click. Cost per click can range from 0.10 cents and can exceed $20.00 per click. CPC adverting campaigns can be really effective and at the same time can be a huge cost factor if not properly optimised and not managed.

Search engine marketing can also be conducted on other platforms such as email marketing & social media marketing. Paid social media marketing is another very popular SEM model. Clients pays a fee for imprecisions, reach and also clicks.

All SEM campaigns will cost money and therefore you need to be on top of it. You have to constantly manage it and make sure your leads are genuine.

At V&C eCommerce we are experts in SEM campaigns. We specialise in CPC marketing campaigns and have a proven track record delivering amazing results on a super low spending budget. For example, we currently run ads for clients on a daily budget of $65. With that daily budget, we have been able to turnover $100,000 on average per month. Our formula here is years of experience working with clients on digital marketing SEM campaigns.

At V&C eCommerce, we deliver top quality SEM service to our client at very low prices. Possibly the cheapest rates in Australia. Give us a call for a FREE QUOTE.

We have worked with several Melbourne based clients and have helped them go from a Melbourne only store to an Australia wide store. We make Search Engine Marketing an easy process.

V&C eCommerce can help deliver effective and low-cost freelance SEM campaigns for all types of products and services. If you need Search Engine Marketing SEM services from a local freelancer that is friendly, open and easy to deal with, then V&C eCommerce is the right person for you.

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