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What is SEO Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is a vital part of your digital marketing campaigns. In simple terms this is the process of customising your website and web pages in order to ensure that its optimized for a search engines like Google.

Why do you need Search Engine Optimisation?

Good question!

Lets say you have a website full of images and very little text. In this instance, the website is not optimised for a search engine. A search engine at the time of writing cannot use images to understand what the website is about. Therefore, we need to write good quality text content for the search engine to understand what the website or the webpage is all about. This is where keyword analysis and keyword planning come into place.

With SEO we would fully optimise the website by inserting specific keywords, images, alt tags, links etc. The Search Engine crawler will then be able to scan your site in detail and then understand what the page is all about. The page crawler then sends its finding to the search engine where they are stored AKA indexed.

When someone then search for a keyword, let’s say on Google, the keyword is they scanned on the Google index. If the term a visitor is looking for is found in the index, the results is shown. If your content is good then Google will rank it higher on the search listings.

Can you this yourself?

Of course you can!

However, SEO algorithms are changing every day and you need to keep updated with all the changing algorithms. You should also know the difference between the correct and wrong way of doing search engine optimisation. This is called White Hat vs Black Hat.

You also need to carefully plan keywords you are going to use to optimise your site and then deliver quality content to the user. Other factors such as website security, meta data, links also play a vital role in the indexing and ranking process. Just having the specific target keywords on your website won’t be enough. SEO is not a hard process but it take time and multiple attempts to get it right.

You can do it but this will take time plus you’ll have to learn everything about SEO.

How can we help?

V&C have you covered! Our team have spent years learning the ever changing SEO world.  So we know what do do. You wont see results in one day but down the line we will get you there. We also dont make bogus promises that claim to make you #1 in Google. FYI, that cannot be done. Google and all other search engines are smart and intelligent so they look for a whole bunch of other signals so one method is not guaranteed to helo rank you on the top. We work on all aspects of the website to help ranki higher.  Don’t worry! We will take care of the rest.

Why should V&C take care of your SEO?

    • Bloody cheap!
    • We treat your business like our own.
    • Unlike other digital agencies we offer value for money.
    • Detailed reports.
    • Guaranteed results.
    • Guaranteed results.
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We are freelance digital marketing and web specialists  who are experts in eCommerce web development SEO, SEM, Social Media & Email Marketing. Founded by humble beginnings we understand our clients. A client is not just a number for us. We treat our clients business as our own business.

We feel that our clients success if our success. Our formula is really that simple.

We work with multiple clients to help deliver most effective solutions. We help business and their keywords rank high on search engines over a very short time. We also delver effective Paid Marketing campaigns, Social Media and Email marketing campaigns. Our work is proven to deliver results. See our testimonials page to see what our customers say about us.

Its really simple. We understand how valuable a money is for business. We work together with our clients and understand what exactly they need. We then suggest ideas that the client can choose of they like. We also offer the lowest rates anywhere in Melbourne. We like to keep it simple.